When considering which type of generator you need, you must factor in one important aspect: size. A generator’s size is key to its operation. Today, the team at E.E.S. would like to help you. Here’s a helpful guide for choosing the right size RV, commercial, or home generator.

Commercial and agricultural generators

Business owners must have properly-sized generators for their particular needs. If you don’t, you could wind up with big problems at the worst possible time. The size of the generator you need for your business will depend on the tools and equipment you use and how much power each item requires. Check the wattage of all equipment in your facility or on your farm to determine what size you’ll need. In general, expect the generator to be medium to large in size (such as a13kw-22kw generator).

Home generators

Homeowners should carefully consider the generator size they need. In general, home generators are small to medium in size, and range from rs13a-rs20a.

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