When you rely on electricity for your everyday activities – and all of us do – a power outage can really upset your plans. But if you install a commercial, farm, or home generator, you can avoid this inconvenience. But what type of generator will work best for your needs? With over 50 years of experience in the Royston, GA area, E.E.S has the answer.

Consider your property

Identifying your basic needs is your first step. What will you need your generator to do? A home generator is different from a commercial generator, and both are different from agricultural generators.

Determine the amount of power you need

How many systems will your generator be powering at your home, farm or business? Think about your everyday requirements as well as your needs during extreme temperatures or busy seasons. Generators are available for a variety of power needs. Here are some of our most popular models:

  • 20kw
  • 22kw
  • 13kw
  • 17kw
  • rs13a
  • rs17a
  • rs20a

Weigh standby vs. portable generators

If you don’t have any critical needs and only want to invest a small amount, consider buying a portable generator. Keep in mind that while these tend to be less expensive than standby generators, they won’t provide enough power to keep your refrigerator, electronics, and HVAC system running. Standby generators may cost more upfront, but they start up immediately when the power goes out. Depending on the model you chose, they can comfortably supply power to your entire property.

Get the right generator for your needs by calling E.E.S. today. Our helpful staff will listen to your needs and assist you in selecting the best model for your property.