If you’re a farmer, you need efficient tools and machinery to ensure productivity. You also need to make sure your livelihood is protected. That’s where an agricultural and farm generator comes in. But what size farm generator is best for your operation? Here’s a guide from E.E.S. to help you determine the right option for you.

Consider the purpose and design of the generator

For starters, you’ll need to figure out the purpose of the generator. How big is your farm? How many buildings will it need to power? What systems are in place (such as HVAC) that will need to keep running if the power goes out?

Clarify the type of generator you need

Agricultural generators fall into different categories based on the amount of usage. If you plan on using your generator only in an emergency, that’s a different requirement than if you plan on using it regularly. We can help you assess your needs.

Determine the size

There are various sizes of farm generators. If you need a generator to power only a small area, you may be fine with a 10-15 KW model. If you need it to run multiple appliances and machinery, consider purchasing a larger one, like a 25 KW model.

Contact E.E.S. to learn more about which farm generator may be best for you. We’ll make sure you have steady, uninterrupted power to sustain your crops and livestock.