Frequently Asked Questions About Generators

Generators aren’t an everyday purchase. It’s natural for homeowners and businesses to have questions about the units they plan to purchase. E.E.S., Inc. has the answers you’re looking for. Here are some things we’re commonly asked about our products and services. For more detailed requests, contact our Royston, GA headquarters.

How much does a home generator cost?

Each home generator we install is different. The total cost varies based on the size of the unit and how much labor is involved for the generator installation. E.E.S. provides a free estimate on all jobs so you’ll be sure to get the correct size for your needs.

What is the life expectancy for my generator?

Generators will last for years if properly maintained. Routine yearly generator service is key for getting the most life out of your unit. E.E.S. gives you peace of mind by providing quality maintenance through our service and repair department.

Are there warranties on your generators?

Warranties are available for our home generators, light commercial generators, and RV generators. To learn more, please visit our warranties page.

How big (and how loud) will my unit be?

The size and loudness of your generator will vary based on which model you buy. View the specs to learn more about the different models we sell and install.

What type of gas does my generator use?

Always know which type of fuel your generator requires. Using the wrong fuel can cause big headaches—or damage that’s expensive to fix. Ask our staff if you ever have any questions about how to power your generator.

How often should my generator be serviced?

All home and light commercial generators should be serviced after each 50 hours of run time or once a year. Remember that maintenance is the key to having a generator that lasts.